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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentine's Day

Well, once again, WAY late. I will have to learn to accept the fact that I can never be as organized as I would like. I've been so busy again! Work has been really busy, and we've also been making travel plans, so there has been a lot of internet flight bookings (it's a confusing flight path we're taking), seeing travel agents, renewing passports, renewing other immigration crap too. I think I should become an immigration agent. I am now quite accustomed to filling out forms.

Anyhow. We did nothing for Valentine's Day! How sad. But I actually don't really care. I'm not one who puts huge emphasis on those holidays, though I love to get in the spirit. And we're going out this week sometime instead :) I made cards to send to my family, and also made treats to give to my in-law family too. But of course I was a week late, since I had to work all Valentine's Day weekend. I made the Oreo truffles I posted about earlier, and did some alterations :) I placed an order a few weeks ago for some fun new baking supplies and they arrived just in time for me to make treats a week late.

I put the Oreo Truffles on lollypop sticks, and tried out a few new flavours too. I did 2 batches of the recipe , and divided them up. I kept one batch normal, and flavoured a 1/2 batch with cherry, and the other half Kahlua, using LorAnn flavouring oils.

I covered the cherry balls with dark chocolate and red sprinkles.
I covered the kaluha balls with white chocolate and chocolate sprinkles.
I covered the plain balls with white and milk chocolate, and decorated with random sprinkles.

I put some on sticks too. Fun experimenting. They didn't look the prettiest, but next time I'll be prepared. I made little packages to give to my in-laws, wrapped up in baking paper. I had ordered some cellophane bags in my baking supply order, but they didn't get included. I had high hopes of wrapping them up all cute-like. No such luck.

I made some cards from a cute free printable. I added doilies for some fun cliche kitsch and tied them up with ribbons. I wrote cheesy mini love letters on the back to my family; things like "Will you be ours? Love, your Secret Admirers". As cheesy as they are, it's still fun to get cards in the mail :)


leah boldt March 9, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

Kath! you are so ridiculously creative! i love it! and do tell about your travel plans... where are you heading? or should i just be reading more of your blog?? love you and miss you! i'm trying to be a better blogger now... i hope..