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Friday, November 23, 2012


We've had some stormy weather lately, and after all these years, I finally took my camera out to get some photos. Normally, the storm is upon us fast enough that the rain is here at the same time, but last weekend the storm was far enough away in all directions that we were in the middle with no rain. It was perfect for taking photos. Unfortunately, the lightning was so intense, and I didn't always have the camera settings right, and so many of my photos were completely blown out. There was sheet lightning continually going overtop of me, so any shots of far away lightning were overpowered by the sheet lightning above me. But I still managed to get a few good ones. Night photography is my favorite because of the colours that show up when you look at the film later. I had two night in a row of these storms, and I will try and go out more often from now on.


Cream Cheese Brownies

These were so good. Make them. Recipe here


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keyhole Blouse

My first project from Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing was the Keyhole Blouse. I did two of the alterations she suggested, which was make a keyhole at the neckline, and also add some gathers at the shoulder. This blouse is so cute with the buttons down the back too. I love it. I also added my own touch, of a tie to help give the blouse a little more shape. I tend to need a belt, or a well fitting shirt, otherwise I lose shape, and look like a balloon. On this alteration, I would suggest changing the button placement. I left it as was in the original pattern, not really thinking, but with this alteration, it doesn't really work. The top gaps open.

I picked out a summery cotton, with some simple embroidery, and a print of tiny little strawberries and flowers. It's been my favorite to wear lately. I wear it with the pants I made, as well as plain shorts.

I did the slash & spread method Gertie talks about in her book to transfer the bust dart to the shoulder where I made gathers. I made a muslin first, to see how the gathers would look & feel. 

Gertie's instructions are great & easy to follow too. I can't wait to work on something new!