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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Costume

This post was meant for last year. This is how organized I am...against my best intentions, I never post holiday posts on time!! So, I saved it for this year. And look at the date! Almost missed it!

I had this grand fun idea to be a bearded lady for Halloween. I have some fish net stockings, a cute black dress, 3" peep-toe sling backs, hot rollers for a 40's look, and some flowers for my hair. I was going to be as vintage glam and girly as possible, black eyes, bright red lips, perfect fake nails, everything...except...I would have a beard, like an old circus freak! So, I went to work on my beard...

Tie random length yarn onto some clear stretchy jewelry stringy-elasticy-rubbery stuff, and make loops to hook over your ears. I tied the pieces on with this simple knot. Create the ear loops by using those little crimping beads, if you have them. I did this because I have a ton of jewelry supplies, and also it makes the beard attachments as invisible as possible. But you could also use elastic, and tie it around your head. I went a little further, and used a toothpick and separated all the yarn strands for a more realistic look, if that's even possible.

After all my careful crafting, I came to the sad realization that my bearded lady circus freak idea was hinging on my being able to be very girly (except for the beard) to get the feel I was going for. The problem is that I cannot (could not, at the time) wear high-heeled shoes yet. I am still having problems with my heel, and therefore my 40's style sling backs are not going to agree with my physical condition of my foot. I thought I could just go barefoot, but I can't pull off the look I need without shoes! I am going as a burly Canadian. The very opposite, except for the beard. No gorgeous hot roller hair-do, but instead a pony tail under a hunting camo trucker hat. No gorgeous fish nets hooked onto a garder belt, but old ratty blue jeans instead. No black peep-toe sling backs, but instead my running shoes I have to wear to physio. And of course no make-up, no nail polish, no black dress, but instead a flannel and some dirt on my face. Oh well. Maybe next year I can be a circus freak.... (and it being next year already, I am too busy to have Halloween! I am so sad :( Plus Aussies don't really get into it either. Maybe NEXT year I'll be a bearded lady...I still wear the beard every so often, I LOVE it).