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Monday, September 10, 2012

Colette Violet - 1015

This is Colette pattern Violet, #1015. It's such a cute pattern, and their presentation is also wonderful too! It's a little booklet with easy to understand instructions and illustrations. It's easy to keep on the table next to your sewing machine, unlike those enormous flimsy folding sheets you get in other patterns.

I've seen Colette patterns online, but they are too expensive for me to order with shipping costs to Australia. Then a friend took me to one of her favorite local shops, Piece Together, and lo and behold, they stocked Colette patterns for VERY reasonable prices (which is also rare in Australia). It turned out to be much cheaper for me to buy it in person, than online. Yay!

I picked a peach gingham for my material, and simple floral buttons. I used scraps from the previous blouse I sewed for the peter pan collar. I lengthened the blouse about an inch, but maybe even less -it was already a good length. Using the finished overall bust size as my pattern size, I still needed to take it in on the side seams. I took in about an extra inch at the waist (4" overall), tapering to .5" at the hem, keeping the same width at the arm holes / bust.

Blouses that tend to fit my bust, are too bulky everywhere else. I find it hard to get a flattering fit, but I am learning. Being a little less comfy in loose fitting clothes, does mean I look better overall. I would love to wear muumuus all day long; they hide all lumps & bumps, but I would look ridiculous. Tapering this blouse in at the waist means I don't need to wear a belt, trying to show a waist line. This is also quite casual, so I don't want to have to wear a belt. I am sure there is room for an extra dart or two for a perfect fit, but I am happy overall with the end result. I also used my new serger / overlocker to finish seams and hem, and I LOVE it. First time (machine) sewing button holes too, and they were much simpler than I imagined.

I forgot to take a photo of the yoke on the back. It's subtle, and makes for a nice comfortable fit.

The patterns suggests alterations to make as well, like gathers, pin tucks, etc. I was thinking of adding a more ruffled sleeve, like make it larger, but then gather it with some elastic on the hem. It would be so cute & girly.