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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keyhole Blouse

My first project from Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing was the Keyhole Blouse. I did two of the alterations she suggested, which was make a keyhole at the neckline, and also add some gathers at the shoulder. This blouse is so cute with the buttons down the back too. I love it. I also added my own touch, of a tie to help give the blouse a little more shape. I tend to need a belt, or a well fitting shirt, otherwise I lose shape, and look like a balloon. On this alteration, I would suggest changing the button placement. I left it as was in the original pattern, not really thinking, but with this alteration, it doesn't really work. The top gaps open.

I picked out a summery cotton, with some simple embroidery, and a print of tiny little strawberries and flowers. It's been my favorite to wear lately. I wear it with the pants I made, as well as plain shorts.

I did the slash & spread method Gertie talks about in her book to transfer the bust dart to the shoulder where I made gathers. I made a muslin first, to see how the gathers would look & feel. 

Gertie's instructions are great & easy to follow too. I can't wait to work on something new!