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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitty Cat

I've been wanting to make a little softie now for yonks (do only Aussies say that?... I would never say that out loud...but typing it seems to work :) ). My niece is now at that age, about 2 years, where I can make her things, and where she might actually look at it for a few minutes before getting her 'MatMan' figurines instead (she loves her Batman toys from her Dad's childhood collection). And who I am I kidding, it's going to be a dog toy in less than a week knowing their sneaky pup. Neither of which I care about since I enjoy making things regardless of where they end up. I know my niece LOVES kitties too...though I won't spell out what she actually calls starts with a T.

I found this adorable pattern online, which I altered, which I suggest that you don't bother to alter (I wanted round ears)! It's a perfectly simple pattern, that is so cute, I want to make one for myself! I can't find my original photos I took. This photo is from my instagram feed. If I ever find the originals, I will add them.

I'm a little slow in blog posts lately. I've had a rough year, and just didn't feel like myself. But I think I am getting back on track, and hope to keep this little blog going. I have a handful of dresses, a blouse or two, and pair of shorts to share with you soon. I'd like to start talking more about how I alter my patterns. I usually need to adjust every pattern to fit, and when I do research, it's hard to find what others have done. Maybe this will help other women who are shaped more like me to get ideas, or just see what someone else has done to get a better fit.