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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Last Thing You Want To Hear

Let me tell you, the last thing you want to hear, when the Dr is looking at your xrays is "oooh, this is not good". Yep. This is not good.

I went in to see the surgical specialist today. I got a bright new shiny (well, not shiny), red cast. I only had a choice between red, green or blue. Wow, it felt fantastic when they cut off the old plaster! I could breathe again! And it was amazing to see what my ankle looked like! I regret not taking a camera, but I thought after 2 weeks there would be nothing to show for. Well, on the contrary. I was still quite swollen, and very bruised. And, I had heaps of cuts and scratches! I thought all those scabs would have been long healed, but it looks like I had a few good ones from that fateful night. And I was correct in my original thinking, that I could feel where they stitched me up from surgery on BOTH sides of my ankle, not just one. They said I was healing up quite nicely, and I can feel the stitches are getting itchy, so that's a good sign. Who knows why they had to go in from both sides, but the plaster lady cleaned up my stitches, put on some more bandages, and wrapped me up again. But not before she changed the angle of my foot. Yikes. Painful already, after only 2 weeks. So, I have at least another week of bed rest, lucky me.

The nerve pain went away almost immediately after cutting off the old plaster, but its now back again with the new cast. I guess I will have to see the GP again, if it gets much worse than this. Right now my foot is burning, and tingling, and I still have the shooting pains, but not quite as painful as this last week.

So, here's the deal. I have another 4 weeks in a cast (yippeee!!!! I thought it was going to be at least 6!), but could be 3 more months until I can weight bare completely. Insane. I really did a number on myself. Everyone, please pray I will have complete healing, and range of motion after this. I think I will be lucky if I get out of this with a healthy ankle. It's going to be a lot of physio, and a long haul, by the sounds of things.

The doctor gave me the option of having a moonboot thingy today, but I felt like it was too risky, incase I fell, or incase I started to feel comfortable with it on, and accidentally weight bare. Because of my reluctance, he recommended I wait for 4 weeks with the new cast. I may live to regret that decision, and so far it's a bit painful because I have been up and about for a few hours today, but I hope once the swelling goes down some more, I won't find the cast too frustrating.

(and I finally added the hospital and xray photos to my original post, and a few others in this post)