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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three More Sleeps...

A little update on my "progress". I've spent the last 5 days over at the in-laws in their super rad air conditioning, trying my best to keep out of this stifling humidity. Today was a lot cooler, and I spent the day at home. It looks like it will be a bit cooler for a few days, thank goodness. I've sussed out the whole shower thing, so at least if it gets hot again, I can take a shower a lot easier now. I figured I need to tape the garbage bag above my knee joint to not get water inside. I prop my plastic encased leg on a chair outside the shower, and sit on a stool inside the shower. Luckily I am tall enough, that while sitting, I can still adjust the angle of the spray. I keep the towel on the same chair, and then I dry off while still sitting. This way, I don't need to stand, and therefore am also less likely to get water inside my cast. The first shower was a disaster, and I wasn't sure I wanted another one. I'd had only 2 showers in one week (of 30 degree weather, 84% humidity). Not nice.

This "keep your leg elevated" thing is getting old. For more than just me. Adam has to do almost everything for me. Including put on my underwear...and any other sort of shorts or pants, should I feel the need to actually wear any clothes. If he's not around for that, I am not sure how I would manage. I've tried to lasso my foot with my underwear, but it hasn't worked out yet. His day consists of bringing me food, pretty much, and when I am next door, in the air con, that's a lot of running back and forth. There is no possible way you can thank someone for the work he's done for me. I've tried to think of something, anything, but even if I had a ton of money, whatever I could get him would come across as cheap and insincere. I am eternally grateful, and owe him big time. I hope that as soon as I get a new cast, and don't have to spend all day laying down, I will be able to help more. The only thing I have done is fold laundry.

I get a new cast on Friday, which I am looking SO forward to. This one is LOOSE! I guess all my swelling has gone down, and now the thing just practically hangs off me. I even have to pull it up, like a sock. I don't quite understand how this is keeping my fib in place, but here's hoping I come out of this with a normal leg. A new cast will also mean I am allowed to move around more, I hope. I can still feel shifting around inside, but it must be because the ankle joint is so loose from the fall into the ditch. I can now also feel the specifics of the injury, like the pins in my joint, and the itchy stitches on my ankle, and approximately where the break occurred. Under the "cast" my leg feels quite bruised too. My right foot, from the unbroken leg, has also been sore since the initial accident, so that is still bothering me. I had some nice dark and sickly greyish green bruises which showed up about a week after the break, but they disappeared quite quickly. I think I must have sprained this foot, which make crutches just that much more frustrating, but I am getting the hang of them ok.

The pain of the break and dislocation is pretty manageable, and don't really notice it anymore. But I am now having some nerve issues. My foot has been pretty numb, like frozen, since surgery. The last 3 days my foot has felt like it's burning, like when you come in from the snow. I figure the nerve is now getting signals again, and it's going nuts. Then, I get shooting pains that take my breath away, literally. It's so flipping painful, and once again, nothing helps. I am taking tylenol with codine and anti-inflammatories, but they make no difference. I'm going to try and hold out until friday and talk to the specialist, but Adam thinks I should just go to the GP. I don't know if I can be bothered to wait in the office again, but this is getting to me. I sure have a thing with nerves. Mine love to keep me awake at night. Once again, I'll take a broken anything over nerve pain. It's enough to make you lose it, and I think I tolerate pain fairly well.

Friday can't come soon enough.