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Monday, October 5, 2009


I totally forgot to post these. We went to Noosa a few weeks ago to meet up with some family friends from Canada. Their son moved out here and married an Aussie, like me (except he married and girl, and I married a boy, teehee). Anyhow it was a beautiful afternoon, and I haven't been to Noosa in almost a year now, so it was such a nice treat for me.

Hubby and I are into vintage photos, and lately, I've been really diggin' the whole slide feel. I'm sure my parents generation will cringe when they look at these. Here I have a fairly decent digital SLR camera, and I am using photoshop to blur and discolour the photos. But I love the feel of them. And heck, I'm not too young to not have photos of me in slide format either, so I suppose these remind me of looking through old albums.

I'm not going to give away all my tricks, mainly because I'm sure there is a better way to get this look, and there is definitely more that can be done, like sun spots on the lens, and such, but basically to get this look, you just really need to up the red and blue levels, usually more red than blue. Then you can add things like a border, scratches and some blur. Landscape photos obviously work the best, since they are so timeless.