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Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow, I'm slack!

Oh my, it's been SO long since I have blogged, or even caught up on reading blogs. It's been a rough November! But there has also been a lot of good times too...I have so many entries in my head, too bad it's not possible to think them into existence.

Let's see...maybe I will post a few highlights, and then expand on them later (it's still really busy for me lately, working weekends too).

I took my laptop in to be repaired, and they had it for 3 weeks (I got it back 6 days ago), and the problem came back again! Grrrr. This was the number one reason for not blogging. Hubby and I had to do shift work with his computer. I worked days, he worked nights. So much fun :(

Friends of ours had a Halloween party, and I wanted to show you all our costumes. Not my finest work, but it was really fun. I also made some cute cupcakes for the party. Er, maybe not cute, more like morbid. I made a really quick and easy display thingy too. The party was also a housewarming, so I wanted to show you the gift I made for them. Everyone thought it was a cool idea, and so it seems I've passed the flame onto a few friends, and they are going to be doing them for Christmas gifts. I got the idea from a friend years ago, and I also came across a great blog tutorial for them too...I'll share soon...

I had my 30th birthday, and it's the birthday that keeps on giving. I got my first gift at the end of October, and keep getting them! There is still more in the mail, I am told. I will do a fun birthday present post once they all arrive. I got some really nice things this year :) Adam and I also managed to go away for my birthday weekend, and it was so lovely! You should see the place we stayed! (you will, one day)

News on the ankle front is so incredibly frustrating. I am still at physio, still taking the meds, and have now added tendon problems ontop of everything else. I've had to stop all unneccessary exercise. It's very frustrating. I have good days, but lately, most are bad (relative to a normal functioning ankle, but good compared to 8 months ago). I am hobbling again, and icing, and elevating, and everything I thought I was done with. I figured by now I would at least be able to go swimming, but no. Looks like this summer will be a write-off for me too. I hope to be better by March though, when my sister and bro-in-law come to visit. I'm doing my best...

I have lost 10 pounds in about 8 weeks. I also spent a week eating my left over birthday cake, so I can't say I've been overly strict with myself. But, I have lost the 10 pounds I gained while lying in bed for the first part of the year. And considering I can't exercise, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Work has been CRAZY! It's good though, since I have 6 months of wages to make up for, but gee, I am not used to working all day every day (weekends too). Should slow down again before Christmas. I am just glad that my sudden jump in work is allowing Adam and me to go to Hawaii in May! I was worried we'd be too poor still. Hopefully we can also get a car really soon...that's a whole other story.

So, that is my last month in a nut shell...I can't wait to start sharing again! Thanks for reading :)


Anonymous,  December 5, 2009 at 5:22 PM  

Thanks Kath for the update! Mom