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Thursday, December 31, 2009

House Warming

ok, I think I am getting back on the blog wagon, and I hope things are a little more relaxed around here, so I can spend some time keeping this thing up to date! So, here is the post I've been meaning to do about cute home ware/housewarming gifts...

I know most have come across hard times lately. It's been a real rough 12 months for a lot of people. Having a job in the building industry has been difficult for me. But that doesn't mean gift giving needs to suffer too much. I love making gifts for people anyhow, so I suppose I haven't had to stray too far from my normal habits. I thought I'd share an example. I used a cookie-in-a-jar recipe from Bakerella, and put this together as a house warming gift:

I wish I had done some things in a different order, but I figured I needed to be sure the important ingredients fit in first, like the flour and sugar and chocolate. But it doesn't look the best to have the oats on top! Oh well, next time... I found this canister at K-Mart in Australia for 4 bucks too! You can add tons of different variations, like rice krispies, coconut, nuts, anything!

Then I made some labels to attach to the canister with instructions.

I also wanted to make up some general spice mixes too. I found these cute little screw-top jars from K-Mart in Australia for 2 bucks each. I went online and found an excellent site with tons of spice mixes to choose from. I picked out a few that used similar ingredients, so I didn't have to buy too many more spices than I already had on hand. I also made up some labels for these too.

I made my labels in Photoshop, and printed them onto sticker paper. Pretty simple. Except, I'm not a fan of how they turned out - the colours are too light. Other than that, these are really simple to make if you have some sort of computer editing skills. Just create your files, and print on sticker paper. I cut them out with a scalpel.