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Monday, March 8, 2010


I can't resist my little furry Monster! I've always been a huge cat fan. I love dogs too, but there is something challenging about a cat - it takes a real effort to get to their little hearts of stone. Even then, I don't think they actually like ME. They like that I feed them. Though, I do tend to have a connection with Seti (at least I have talked myself into that idea). He will actually come when I call him! That almost never happens with cats. I had one other cat about 10 years ago who came when I called him...until the neighbour started feeding him...Ok, I guess I must concede that cats do not actually care about me, but rather care about the fact that I am the one who gives them treats and chin rubs.

As soon as we live in a real house, I cannot wait to get a cat! Until then, Seti will be my substitute. He pretty much lives here now anyway. He seems to only go home to eat, as far as I can tell. Lately we've been watching storms together, so these photos are from the past few storms we've had:

And this is what he likes to do to let us know he wants some milk:
Yet he never jumps on the counter top. What an irresistible little monster.


Now for another type of animal. This one, also furry, likes to get in out of the rain too. This one I do not like one little bit. I couldn't care less about their little hearts. This one get the shoe treatment, not the spoiled rotten treatment. This ones make me not be able to sleep at night, and keeps me on edge all the time.

This one has 7 legs, and that white dot on its head? That's its eyeball cluster reflecting the light from my camera flash. *SHUDDER* It looked to be about 3.5" or about 9cm