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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marshmallow Butterscotch Squares

Ok, I'm back...for now...if there's anyone still around (besides you Mom! I love you!)...??

We've been back from Canada now for something like 6 weeks, and the butterscotch chips I loaded my luggage up with are burning a hole in my...fridge (?), so I decided to make a childhood favorite for old times sake. I LOVE these things. So simple, so sweet, so addicting. I did a half recipe, so I could stretch my precious butterscotch chips even further.

1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 bag butterscotch chips (a little more than 1/2 cup, I think)
mini marshmallows

Melt the butter and peanut butter in a double boiler, or whatever (microwave). Take off the heat, and stir in butterscotch chips until completely melted. If you need to get the mixture hotter to melt all the chips, very carefully re-heat. Those chips will harden if they get too hot, so best to let them melt as slowly as possible. Leave mixture to cool for about 15 minutes. Then mix in marshmallows. Australia doesn't have mini marshmallows** like North America does, so I used a bag of jet-puffs, (which they also don't have here, but were brought over for me with my sister when she came in March), cut into small pieces*. Pour into a 8" square pan lined with baking or wax paper, and put in the fridge to cool completely. Once cool, cut into squares.

*Handy Hint. When you need to cut marshmallows (do you ever? I do, for some reason...) I use a cheese knife, you know, the one with the holes in the blade a dab the fresh wounds with icing sugar. Works a charm!

**UPDATE: They DO have mini marshmallows! I found some! I've never seen them until my last grocery trip! They are in the baking isle, near the choc chips. The big ones are in the candy isle.

When I was looking for this recipe, I saw a variation to just use regular chocolate chips (instead of butterscotch), so I did one version like that too. Not as good, but still so good! You just substitute choc chips for the butterscotch. I used semi-sweet, so milk would probably be really sweet.

 Now I have all these other ideas, like adding Rice Krispies and peanuts too...