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Monday, November 8, 2010

Butter Tart Squares

These squares are fabulous!! I got this recipe from a lovely blog called Intimate Weddings.

Finally, a truly Canadian recipe I can make with ingredients solely from Australia. Most of my favorite Canadian recipes are not possible if you live in another country. Except, I did see an Australian version of a Nanaimo Bar published in a magazine a few weeks ago, which I will need to try one of these days and do a little comparison. But for these lovely squares, there are no Graham crumbs, Crisco shortening or Rogers Golden Syrup needed! ...There is a great radio clip about Butter Tarts on the site too. Click here.

I am all for raisins too! What about you? Not in anything else, though.

This is the second or third recipe on my short list for Christmas goodies to give out this year.