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Friday, December 24, 2010

Sugar Cookies

I had SO much FUN doing these.

 I used this book, and have officially changed to this sugar cookie recipe too. Tastes good, and once baked doesn't crumble as easily as the Betty Crocker recipe I used to use.

I baked a regular batch, and a chocolate batch, and used only a handful of cookie cutters. I've realized it's best to underestimate your baking skills.

It took me 8 hours to mix, bake and decorate these cookies.

Also, GET SQUEEZE BOTTLES! Piping bags are so messy when it comes to decorating with royal icing, especially when you need to flood the cookies. I had 4 on hand, but another 4 would have been perfect.

You really need to do some planning, and thinking. Which colours to use together, which ones need to be watered down, which ones should keep thick to pipe designs, etc. If I had more squeeze bottles, I could have had a piping and flooding version of each colour.

The techniques in the book are easy to follow and easy to achieve, so give it a try!