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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Strawberry Pear Dessert Smoothie

I am entering this smoothie recipe into a competition to win a new blender (cross your fingers for me). It's been a favorite drink of mine since I invented it (I'm very smart) 9 years ago.

Frozen Strawberries (1-2 cups, or about a punnets worth 250g and freeze if you can wait)
Frozen Pear (cut up a pear or two and freeze them)
Ice cream, 2 scoops plus more for serving
Yogurt (optional) any flavour, I like Vaalia french vanilla flavour 150 g size.
1 Tsp Vanilla
1 Cup Milk

1. Cut up strawberries and freeze, or buy frozen strawberries. Cut up a pear and freeze, if you have the time, otherwise a fresh pear will do just fine.
2. In a blender, add strawberries, pear, milk and vanilla, and blend until smooth. Add ice cream and blend again.
3. Serve with another scoop of ice cream, and top with fresh strawberries. Enjoy! Makes about 1 litre.