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Thursday, July 30, 2009

28 Weeks

Things are going well this week. I am now at physio once every two weeks. My physio therapist has also changed, which is fine, but I liked who I had too. He really pushed me. They've tested my strength again, comparing to the good side, and things are starting to equal out though I am still quite a way off yet. My new exercises are to balance on one foot on my tippy toes for as long as possible. Whew, that one is tough. I have about 30 seconds on my good side, and like 5 seconds on my bad side. I am also supposed to do heel raises on one leg now, which I can do now! I can't quite lift myself all the way up on my bad foot, but getting there. I can do about 12 in a row right now. I am also not getting that acute pain when I walk anymore either. Yay! I am still doing the knee to wall, and it's slow going. I manage to get about 4 cm consistenly now, but it's quite painful. But that's the one I need. I will hopefully start being able to run soon too. Possibly in 2 weeks we'll try. Anyhow, that's the update. Slow going, but getting there...