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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes

I made these for Stef's 18th birthday, which she had in Australia, only a few days before she had to go back home to Germany. She was the third of three students my in-laws have had over the last 6 months, each staying for various periods of time since the new year. I felt so bad Stef had to have her big important celebratory birthday (like a 21st, or a 16th kind of thing) away from her family and friends, but I think we still had a nice night. She even saved a few cupcakes, and managed to take them home with her to Germany. She sent me a photo of her brothers back in Germany eating my cupcakes! Cute.

(Sorry for the crappy photos, I didn't have time to take proper ones)

These were my normal chocolate cake recipe, and a regular butter cream icing. I added teal food colouring, and marshmallow flavouring. I then topped them with chunky sugar crystals. I used the closed star icing tip as well. And of course, everything is from Bake It Pretty!