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Thursday, July 9, 2009


My computer is sick probably no posts until it gets back. I'm on borrowed time right now; Hubby is out helping Father-in-law, so I can use his computer while he's gone...but I had a few things to post, and now they will wait in the queue until I can get back to them.

In the meantime, I was very saddened to see that a copycat shop has opened up online, stealing business because of brand confusion, from my favorite shop. I have been raving about Bake It Pretty for months now, on this blog, and to anyone who will listen, or anyone who has paid a compliment to my cupcakes. I searched all over the internet for a cute, quirky, baking supply shop that wasn't a mega company, like Wilton, or something. All of the other baking supply online stores were a major rip off, didn't have everything I wanted (even though they had thousands of products), or made another killing off the shipping prices. Even shops here in Australia don't compare (none that I have found). Australia is TRULY lacking in any sort of niche market supplies. You should see the "craft and sewing" store which is meant to service the entire Sunshine Coast. It's a joke. Though Bake It Pretty is based in the US, it was way cheaper for me to go through her, than even the larger supply companies in Australia, and they didn't even have the supplies I was after anyhow.

When I found Bake It Pretty, I was the most excited I had been in a long time (this was during my bed ridden days). I ordered myself some supplies, and then ordered another package to be sent to my sister for her birthday. Dealing with Bake It Pretty was easy and she always answered my questions almost immediately (despite me not knowing this little business is keeping her, her husband and her sister employed full time). Great customer service! It was so nice to deal with a mom&pop shop, actually be able to email someone when I had a question, and actually have them email me back! Not to mention paying for two orders which needed to be shipped to two different countries. No problems at all (a lot of online companies won't ship to an alternate address than your credit card billing address).

I came across this message board from reading the Bake It Pretty owner, Amanda's, personal blog. Turns out someone has opened an online shop almost exactly the same as her's. It's so sickening, and I can't believe people do this. What blows my mind is hearing about all this copycatting in CREATIVE FIELDS! Isn't that an oxymoron? I am so appalled, I thought I would blog about it, and try to get others to see what is going on, even if it is only a few people. Have a look at the Bake It Pretty shop, and consider supporting the hard working individuals who have invested years in research and development, who are trying to make it work by themselves, and who only supply the best products (at very reasonable prices too!).

Shop Bake It Pretty! They are the Original!