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Friday, April 3, 2009


I love night photography. But it always seems to look better on my little digital screen than on the computer when I view them. Plus, I am too lazy to bring a tripod half the time, and I don't even actually own one (yet), AND I am still lugging around a wheel chair and crutches, so one less thing to carry is a bonus. But I managed a few good shots from a park bench.

We went down to Brisbane the other weekend for a BBQ, and to do some (window) shopping. It was a really nice weekend, but kind of hard on me. I was very swollen and sore since I spent almost two full days up (up to me means sitting). It was nice to finally DO SOMETHING though, but I think I need to be more prepared when staying at someone else's house. I found it too awkward to have a shower (as I need a stool or chair to lean / sit on), and my wheel chair didn't fit into the cars we were being driven around in, so everything had to be timed with the vehicle that the wheel chair did fit into. You also don't fit into certain stores, and you have to look for elevators everywhere you go, people can't see you because you are 3'6", and then run into you in the isles when they are rushing around.

It's also no fun knowing you are a burden. Adam had to park ages away from our BBQ spot because I needed to be dropped off as close as possible, so he missed the nice close spot. It's also very awkward trying to pack up the wheelchair, and he also ends up carrying it up and down our stairs for me too. I was glad to get out, but I don't know if I'm all that ready to get back to all my normal activities. I sure have taken having two working legs for granted until I broke one of them.

Everything is harder to do, and everything takes longer to do, and I get extremely frustrated. I mentioned in the cookie recipe post how I left a huge mess, mainly on the floor. Well that's because using a wheel chair that is also used to push me around on the city streets tracks mega dirt & grime around the place. And since I am sitting while doing most things, I end up dropping lots of food on me, and the floor. I spilled an entire glass of apple juice on myself the other day. I typically make sure I time my showers for after dinner. Try sitting down while making dinner, and you will see what I mean.

Anyhow, it was nice to get away, but I think next time I might pass. Day trips are about all I can handle just yet...and I guess I now know what it's going to be like having kids ;)