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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fruity Cordial*

I picked up this free magazine from our local grocery store, Coles (you can get a pdf copy here). And inside they had just what I was looking for: fruit concentrate syrup. I've looked a few times online for something fruity to make margaritas with, but this was simpler than just about anything I found, and just perfect. Especially since I was in the mood for a nice roof-top drink when we went to see the fireworks from last weekend.

If you don't want the whole magazine, then click on the image below, and it should be large enough to read the instructions:

I didn't have any honeydew (or mint) so I used watermelon, and did another batch with strawberries and kiwis. So simple, so good! I didn't really measure the fruit content, since you are adding the syrup to your drinks to taste anyhow. These were both really nice with pineapple juice, crushed ice and tequila. Not really a true margarita, but I'm no connoisseur. Or have it with soda water - it's like making your own gourmet pop** (oxymoron, I know).

*Translations for North Americans: cordial is a concentrated drink you add to water. Similar to the frozen concentrates we're used to, but the ones here in Oz are usually liquid room temperature versions of kool-aid. They are for kids, and disgusting. Cottees makes those. I hate all their products - they're terrible. There are a few nice cordials by Bickfords, like iced tea and lime, etc...

**Translations for Australians (**edit/ and Americans): pop is soft drink / soda, though I thought most of the aussies knew this... I asked for some orange pop the other day from KFC, and the girl had no idea, NONE, of what I was talking about. But I couldn't think of another word to describe what I wanted...I eventually just said "the orange drink". It's amazing how many misunderstandings there are between "western", english speaking countries. One day I will do a blog post about those...