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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Riverfire 2009

We went again this year to Riverfire, the Brisbane celebration of the river that meanders it's annoying way through the city (there are MANY bridges in Bris. Vancouverites, you have an idea what that might be like). We went last year too, but the people and traffic were insane, not to mention parking! And it was freezing cold! This year was gorgeous. No people, no traffic, and margaritas on the roof deck of our friends' place. It was lots of fun to see everything from this viewpoint, and kind of exciting to photograph. Though I had barely 5 minutes to set up, and therefore my tripod ended up being a little shaky, which you can see in some photos.

Here's the loot I took home with me:

(Below: this was the F1-11 Dump & Burn over the city, over-layed into one photo. I didn't know from where the F1-11's were coming, or to where they were going, so my shutter speed was only a few seconds, in case I needed to reposition the camera. It would have been nice to get one shot though)