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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crappy Flowers

If I have to lay here all day, I might as well come out of it with a skill right? Umm yeah. Here is my attempt to crochet a flower (there are also a lot of good videos on youtube)...

It took me all day. But, I think I am getting it (you probably can't tell). I'm excited to make some fun things, if I don't get too frustrated and impatient. I am trying a dish cloth next...

Before I took up crocheting, I had been reading blogs, blogs and more blogs, and have come across a ton of sweet tutorials on how to make all kinds of different flowers from paper, ribbon, fabric, etc. And because I am on this Lyrica*, my brain DOES NOT WORK, and somehow, even though I saved them all in my bookmarks, they are GONE! I can't even find them in my history. But I managed to come across a few of them, and a few more. I tried one lazy attempt at a flower:

Yikes. Don't judge me. But listen, I was just practicing for when I make some beauties with fabric, and put a cute button in the middle. I scribbled with some Sharpies because I don't have all those nice expensive stamping things, and then I got Adam to spray it with metho to get the ink to run. Kinda worked... Could be cute on a wrapped gift, if you do it properly. Or, I know, age the paper first, like soak it in some tea or coffee water, and use an old book like the tutorial says. CUTE.

Here is a cute one too. I like the messy looking flower all on its own. I will try that one next too...maybe if I can manage to find some decent paper...

Don't think I could be bothered to do this, but it looks cool.

And a cute ribbon tutorial is here. You could even leave it all scrunched, so it looks like a flower, and use differnt ribbon (like pinks and reds).

*This drug I am on, it makes me lose my mind, and half of these words I have had to type 3 times because I can't concentrate. So, if this post makes no sense, you'll have to wait until the side effects wear off. (eg. I was trying to spell "come", but for some reason kept typing "from")