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Monday, February 2, 2009

Uh, What's going on...?

Well, my day was spent at the emergency today. I am having such severe nerve pain, that I called the "Fracture Clinic", where I am supposed to have appointments with the orthopedic specialists until I am all healed up (I went there to get my red cast), but they only see people on Fridays. She suggested I come into Emerg, since I had already seen my GP 3 times in the last week and a half for pain related reasons.

I think we got there about 11:30, or earlier, and left at around 5pm. It's no joke when people say you have to wait hours. Anyhow, I'm not really sure what was solved. They sawed off my beautiful red cast, and I was hoping for the moon boot replacement, but it seemed no one in emerg was willing to OK that idea without speaking to the specialist, so I got a new colourful number on my leg now (NOT IMPRESSED). The plaster man took some liberties. I got new Xrays (I don't know how that will help them solve a nerve problem?) and waited...and waited...I got some more oxycodone, which I suppose I am looking forward to taking, since I haven't had all that much sleep.

Last night was the worst. I barely slept, then woke up at 7 am to kids playing in the street. Then 8 am a man sawing wood underneath our bedroom windows. Couldn't sleep even if I wanted to. So, now my cocktail has changed to anti-convulsants, which have a side effect of relieving nerve pain, oxycodone, and anti-inflammatories. The anti-convulsants take a few days to take effect, so I am to wait it out. I hope whatever is up with these nerves it gets sorted since a weeks supply of the anti-convulsants costs around $100, even here in Aus, where medication is hugely subsidized, from what I have noticed. We'll see. If it works, it will be worth it. The Dr. gave me 2 weeks for free, so that was really nice. But if it doesn't work, I won't be able to do the next 4 weeks like this. And I don't even know if the nerve problem is related to the cast.

I have another appointment at the Fracture Clinic on friday, and they will review my "case", I am told. Hopefully they will saw off this hideous hinderence and replace it with a moon boot. I will then be able to take a nice bath, or shower without wrapping myself in plastic first. So now I wait until friday....for I don't know what exactly, but hopefully its something good.

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Adam just came in and brought me the most thoughtful gift from home! My Ma and sisters sent me a package of goodies! Some craft mags, a puzzle book, learn to crochet books, yarn and needles! And some other fun stuff like nail polish, and body butter, movies & candy! Aw, I feel like crying, that was so sweet! And since it seems I have a lot more bed rest in my future (the Dr. today said at least another couple weeks), I am looking for things to keep me busy. I don't have much work on either right now, which is good timing for my boss I suppose, but I hope to be able to get back to it soon. I still need to finish off a job for him, which has been difficult to get to. Thank goodness for the lap top, I can work in bed when I need to.