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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Verizon Math

Wow. This should be a lesson for all. Have a read, or listen, to this phone call (this link has a transcript, which has more info than the youtube file). Hilarious, but so sad at the same time. Here is another example, from someone else! Here is a blog dedicated to "Verizon Math".

I use math all the time for my job, and I learned to believe my teachers when they said that math is important, and YES, you do use it every day, for almost every job. I've even used it to help with making birthday invitations!

On another level, I've had a similar experience with Apple. I've had a problem with my lap top, since about 2-3 months in, where the screen goes black, but the machine is still on. I have to force-quit, and restart to get my screen to come back on. This means losing unsaved data, etc. Very annoying.

I had taken my computer in 3 times (at least), before the 1 year warranty expired, and tried to get it fixed. I researched the problem, took in relevant articles from online, and made a case for what had been going on with the lap top. The local repair shop hasn't, in 3 or 4 separate occasions, been able to fix, let alone, diagnose the problem. I was then coming up to my warranty expiring, so I called Apple themselves.

The tech said I need to purchase the extended warranty to get my problem fixed. I COULD NOT explain to her that I have a lap top that hasn't worked properly to BEGIN WITH, and why should I have to purchase an extended warranty for a machine that had problems, since almost day one? I was absolutely flabbergasted that she couldn't understand why I was angry with being forced to purchase an extended warranty. I ended up buying the extended warranty just to be safe, and, yes, I am still having problems! Apple supposedly have a lemon policy, but first the problem has to be diagnosed!!! I still plan to try to get my money back, but who knows...

(My time spent in bed has not all been in vain - I have found so many funny blogs!)