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Friday, August 21, 2009

31 Weeks

Still getting there...slowly still, but progressing. My new physio instructions are gearing me up to start running, but I don't know when that will be. Right now she's got me jumping and as soon as I can, hopping on the bad leg alone. Jumping feels so weird. I can't explain it, other than it feels like you injured your foot and then you are jumping on it. I'm so sore at the back of my heel. But now I can jump to see what's in the top cupboards, instead of getting Adam to have a look for me.

To make everything take even longer, I hurt my back about two weeks ago, and have to take it a lot slower. I spent 3 days in bed, in pain, and I don't know what I did, except lean over to brush my teeth (and I even leaned over they way physio told me to, bend at the hips!). I think it was just muscular though, as I know what it feels like to herniate disks. I am still a little sore, though back to normal activities again.

I must be getting old. Long ago, I remember thinking, how could anyone hurt only muscle, and not be able to move? Now I know. You sure recover quicker as a kid, and I never remember being so sore as a kid. I also now see that if you stop moving, your body deteriorates quickly, and I can see how the elderly go downhill fast when they get sick, and have to stay in bed for weeks. It's so important to keep moving.

I've also learned that weight-baring exercise is the best for your bones, so if you want to keep healthy, you need to lift weights AND do cardio. I think people think cardio is good enough, but you need those weight-baring exercises to keep your bones strong.

I still plan on making a full recovery...we'll see how that goes. As long as I can jump on the trampoline again, go snowboarding, hike Mt Coolum, and run on the beach, I will be happy. I'm fine with everlasting pain (not nerve pain though!), as long as I can move like I used to.

Knee to wall was my best yet last week - 7.5cm!

The nerve pain specialist appointment is a week from Monday. I am so happy. I am hoping for good news, but slightly worried about hearing "chronic pain" or "regional pain syndrome". I really want off of these drugs.