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Sunday, August 23, 2009


About a year ago I was on a real sewing marathon; I was sewing bibs, burp cloths, dresses, skirts, aprons, and other little projects I am still working out. Then came the busy month of December, and before I knew it, I was lying in bed for the first quarter to half of this year, and unable to really do much of anything (except baking) until June (since my sewing machines, and all craft supplies are in the garage, which is down 17 stairs, which was too awkward for me to be going back and forth, and getting up and down). It feels so good to be back at it, and seeing all the fabrics I picked out a year ago for all my various projects.

The latest project I picked up again was aprons. They are so nostalgic and cute (and functional). For Christmas last year I made aprons for my Mom, Sisters and my Grandma as stocking stuffers. Sorry to say, but I don't think I will be topping that this year, unless some new inspiration hits me. Instead, I plan to finish off the 8 I had planned originally (only 2 left!).

I'm trying not to move from project to project, leaving a mass of unfinished ideas behind. I've always wanted to sell things on Etsy too. I'm unsure if it's really a good idea or not, since there are so many copy-cats on there, but as long as I am selling un-original ideas, then maybe it'll be fine (?) Or selling things that I doubt people will be able to copy in a heartbeat...I have yet to make something so original though.

Anyhow, here is my favorite new apron:

It's so delicate looking and nostalgic, but not "retro" in that pushy annoying cherry cupcakes way that is so popular right now (which I do's just too overdone these days). I made it for my friend Sam, and gave her some matching paper napkins & some candles for her birthday.

I also made a cute little pin for the apron (or for whatever):

I was thinking of trying to sell these on etsy...I suppose I can't lose, and might as well give it a try...

I used this pattern for the aprons from Living Creatively. I have altered the pattern to suit my needs, like pockets, and a trim at the bottom, etc.

I used this pattern for the flowers from Martha Stewart. I sewed the flowers each separately to create a fuller bloom, and then I sewed the flower to brooch pins I bought.