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Friday, August 21, 2009

Banana Fritters

It was our anniversary on the 12th. Six years we've been married! Feels like a a GOOD way! This year we weren't in a position to go all out, so we had a nice, but very sopping wet dinner out. It was a beautiful, warm day in which I had a million errands to run, all while watching a huge dark cloud slowly make its way to the coast. It finally hit us with some nice thunder and lightning, just before a walk (since I can't run yet) back to the car. I got SOAKED. But it was so fun!

For dessert, I decided to make Banana Fritters, from The Essential Dessert Cookbook I received last year for my birthday. It was the one recipe Adam picked out that he wanted to try. They were so good! We were still full from dinner, so most of them went into the garbage, but it was worth a taste...And the homemade caramel sauce will not go to waste!

Here is the exact recipe I used from the book. The batter was so nice, and I will use it again for others things. We had left overs, since I only did two bananas, and so we deep fried some mini chocolate bars, and a few other randoms we found in the fridge. Yummm.