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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Deck Plants

I was promised by Husband that I would get all new plants once I got back on my feet since I allowed him to let every plant we had die while I was in bed (the broken ankle thing). Everything except the Phalaenopsis Orchid, which I got from my sister for my b-day last year. I did buy my orchid a new home though, since it was well and truly out growing the old one. Hopefully I get a bud stem soon...I'm losing hope for this year, but I might put it outside for night for a few weeks before it gets too hot. The cooler nights are supposed to promote a new stem, but I'm still learning about orchids...

Hubby was so busy taking care of me, himself, the house and working, I was not about to ask him to water my plants every day, and pick off the dead heads, and check for pests, and treat the one that already had pests. So, I let it go, and left the evidence as-is until a few weekends ago. I still had two geraniums somehow surviving last summer, and barely hanging on until now-winter. I dug them out, and re-potted them separately, and we'll see how they recover.

The most painful part of all this was finding the tags from when I originally bought all those plants. I don't even want to try and remember how much I spent back then. This time I took it well and truly easy. I picked two larger plants, one Coleus (which promises to turn red) and the other a white mini bougainvillea. Then I accented with red & white: white begonia and red dianthus.

They had almost no bedding plants at the nursery I went to, so those were the only red and white flowering plants they had. I have a thing for red & white, and rarely buy any other flowering plants of other colours. Mainly because I've only ever had small deck planters, and no garden to speak of, so I like to keep it simple, and I love RED!

I also bought strawberries...