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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I finally have made use of the gift my Mom & Sisters sent me while I was in bed for the better part of this year. I tried this one design a few times on my own, and always got stuck. I finally decided to try another project, and see if I could figure things out. It worked! The "stitch" I was stuck on was, in fact, not a stitch as such, but an explanation of what I should see when I reach that point on the instructions. Since then I have made a few cloths, doilies, and even a flower. I've come along way since this.

There are so many resources online, but one I have used a lot is Crochet N More. There are so many videos on youtube as well, and tons of free patterns online. So far I have mainly worked patterns from the book my family sent, and a pattern off of a skein of yarn. If you sign up at Bernat, you can download PDF's of free patterns too.

The books I have started with are Contemporary Crochet by Coats which has some really cute patterns, and tells you all the stitches you need to know. I tried an intermediate (level 3) pattern, and it worked really well. It seems quite easy to pick up (you just have to remember where you left off when you take a break!). And check your gauge! The other book I have is Crochet Made Easy also by Coats (looks like my book is no longer for sale, as it might have updated to a newer version now). It has more detailed stitch illustrations, and I use this book to compliment the Contemporary Crochet patterns.

And here are a few projects I have completed. I use the acrylic rose coloured one for outdoor chores, like washing windows, or cars, or the deck and stairs, like I did today. I also used one to wash our salt crystallized walls. It has just enough roughness to easily clean up messes without being too harsh on the wall. Bernat pattern.

The white cotton one is for dishes, and works so nicely. Since it's cotton, it is a little heavier than the rose acrylic, but feels nicer. This pattern is from Contemporary Crochet.

And I used this black doily for setting a vase on our table so it doesn't get scratched. I didn't check my gauge on this one, and you can tell. But it worked well for a first try. This pattern is from Contemporary Crochet. I still need to hide the ends of the yarn...


Anonymous,  August 19, 2009 at 3:46 AM  

Kath- so glad you have figured it out! Some day I will do some more crocheting - it's been years now since I made a baby blanket! Your doily turned out wonderfully!

A nice finish to a cloth piece (ie blanket) is a crochet edging. I am hoping to start doing some of that - but too many other projects to finish!

Keep those fingers nimble! Mom

Bev August 21, 2009 at 7:01 AM  

Way to go - I'm proud of you. I used to love crocheting but haven't done it in many years! I got the yarn and instructions for dishcloth(s) 4 or 5 years ago... Maybe I'll start embroidery again and graduate back to crochet later, and finish the white crochet bedspread I started about 32 years ago! Have fun!

I Should Be Cleaning Up August 21, 2009 at 12:51 PM  

Now I have a whole new respect for the table cloths Grandma made. My goodness, I don't think I could manage anything larger than dishcloths! I think it would take me about 32 years at least. I tend to get bored...