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Friday, March 27, 2009

Asian Salad

Ok, time for another salad recipe...

(I kinda like this over exposed version, but it doesn't make it look all that appetizing)

This time I kind of made it up a little. Since we are so diggin the crumbed chicken, it now goes into everything we eat. Sometimes I even crumb it and add some taco seasoning for fajitas, or some other mexican variation. Yum. But that's besides the point.

OK, it looks like a lot of ingredients, and it is, but its easy.

package of Chinese Noodles
Lettuce (optional)
Green Onions
Peanuts, or almonds
Mandarin Oranges, from a can
Crumbed Chicken (as per other salad recipe)

Dressing (as my noodle bag tells me):
¼ cup White Vinegar
1/4 cup Sugar
1 tblsp Soy Sauce
2 tsp Sesame Oil (Optional)
½ cup Olive Oil

Mix all the ingredients of the dressing in a bowl, over low heat. Stir well until sugar is dissolved. Cool. Crumb and fry chicken pieces. Chop up some cabbage and lettuce, and if you have fussy eaters, like I do / am, put the peanuts, oranges and noodles into separate bowls, and people can take what they want. Toss salad with dressing, and add noodles just before serving. Yummm.