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Monday, March 2, 2009

Half Way There

Well, I had my 6 week check up at the specialist on Friday, and was surprised to see that my Xrays look exactly the same! The specialist said he noticed some bone growth, but to me, it still looked like a nice big crack. Which makes me wonder if all the clicking and shifting I felt in what seems to me to be the same region as the break, really is the bone shifting around. It is quite an unsettling feeling, both physically and mentally. Anyhow, I am still on crutches, still no weight baring, and still having nerve troubles.

I begin physio on Weds, and I hope they will try and do some nerve stuff for me (like massage, or ultrasound, or something fun). Otherwise, there is not a lot they can tell me. I am already moving my ankle as much as I can, and writing the alphabet with my toe...The screws are still hindering complete range of motion though.

Speaking of screws, I don't know when I will get them out, but I have another specialist appointment in 4 weeks. I suppose then they will do more Xrays, and book me in for surgery to get them taken out. But I don't know the time on that. I am assuming within a few weeks...

But it's hard to believe I might only be HALF way there! Even after another 4-6 weeks, I will still have to do lots of physio. But it will only be easier from here on out.

I also FINALLY got a call from the pain clinic, but it took 3 different doctors to get me in. I don't get this at all. I cannot explain how frustrating this has been. I still have to wait until my doctor fills out a questionnaire, and sends it back in, and then they will call me again I have NO idea why this didn't happen when I first went to the ER!?!? I even called the pain clinic myself to try and push things along! They didn't tell me a THING about a questionnaire! I am so frustrated. This pain could end up being something serious, yet, I am being handed off left and right, and doing everything I can possibly to, but ultimately, it's up to the receptionist at the pain clinic? AAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!! The specialist also was alluding to the fact that this nerve stuff has to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

I thank God, truly, that this final set of drugs has been working to a certain extent. I am in the bearable pain realm, and unbelievably relieved! I think if this stuff didn't work, I would have happily camped out in the ER until someone saw me. I was even starting to consider other ways to get admitted...Since you seem to need to come in bleeding in order to get someone to take a look at ya. But now I don't feel like I need to resort to anything :)