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Monday, March 9, 2009

Homemade Helpers - Lavender Linen Spray

Found this lovely recipe from all my online adventures, and it sounds WONDERFUL! I think I will add a few things to my grocery list this time around...

Though we always hang our laundry up to dry, and don't have a problem with mold, my linens -and clothes for that matter- always tend to smell musty if they aren't used right away. I am hoping this will work to keep things smelling nice. I'm not sure about the witch hazel though...any brand that I have used in the past smells really strong, almost like BBQ sauce (yeah, weird). In Canada, you can get witch hazel in Superstore, in the medicine-y area, like near band aids, or something. I use it for a mild astringent, or for irritated or burned skin. Might be near the aloe vera...In Australia, you can get it at the grocery store, or I always get it from Priceline.