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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oil & Wheels

Believe it or not, there was an oil spill off of our coast last week, and we actually had oil on our beach! I wasn't able to go and see, since I was home alone, but as soon as Adam got home, we went for a "walk". The oil was already gone from our beach, but there is still a lot of clean up going on elsewhere, and other hazards to be aware of. The ship was carrying containers of fertilizer, and they fell into the sea, puncturing the ships oils reserves (?). Yikes.

I also wheeled myself to and from the beach, almost entirely by myself, which I was quite happy about (I even did the steep ramp part!). It was a nice little work out for me. My forearms are aching today, but I would have thought my shoulders would be sore. They were almost giving out on me while I was wheeling around. It's hard work, I'll tell you. Any slant of the sidewalk, or road, and your two front tires automatically follow the slope! So, you are breaking with one arm, and pushing with the other, to get yourself straight again. Unbelievable amount of work. I never expected it could be so hard...But kinda fun too.

Wow, don't I look insane! My hair is always mental.

But, here's our beautiful beach, with only a hint of oil in the air.