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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bake It Pretty

Yippeeeeee! My long awaited package has arrived! I remember finding this gorgeous site while bed-ridden, and finally talking myself into ordering some supplies from it (not that I needed to be talked into it, just that the funds for getting those items into my paws wasn't altogether available). So, the moment I decided these goods were to be mine, I frantically clicked over to the site, going to my number one choice: SOLD OUT. Grrrr. After checking at least 2, 3, maybe 4 times a day, I finally emailed to ask when the items I was after were going to be in stock. She put me on the emailing list, and 2 months later (not a normal wait time) I get the long awaited email, and by then I had memorized each page where items were that I wanted. As timing would have it, it was my sisters birthday, and she LOVES making cakes, I decided to grab her a few goodies too.

Now I wish I had bought more...(but there is always tomorrow). Here are the cute goodies I got for myself, and though I have not been craving cupcakes lately - a change in medicines has made me want to eat like a normal person again, thank goodness! But I now have to try everything out.

My number one choice, 'the best-ever icing cupcake icing kit'! (with a few toppers thrown in)

A few gel dyes, of which I chose a few fun, bright colours, and also black for curiosities sake...and two flavours I thought would be interesting: coffee & marshmallow - yumm!

Some very cute and awesome chocolate molds! I can't wait to use them, they will be so cute as cupcake toppers too...

And last but not least, some beautiful, bright sanding sugars! Love the crunch...