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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Walking, if you can call it that.

16 Weeks: boring photos, but I might as well document the changes...flexibility improvements since the screws have come out, and a shot of the size difference of my legs, which seems more significant when I am standing...blah blah blah..I'll spare you the close up of the stitches, which get removed next week.

Well, I am now "walking". Some steps without crutches, but when I do my daily walks around the block, I still use crutches. I am still using the wheel chair, in the kitchen, since I can't walk and carry things - I look mental. My walk is more like a weird hop. But I am happy. I see and feel good results every day. It's really amazed me at how much progress I've made. Slowly muscle is returning, and my joint feels strong, which I am very happy about. I can't complain (too much). Though it's still quite a frustrating process. I'm so serious when I recommend that people should try to avoid breaking something.

I even did groceries this week without the wheelchair. I put my crutches in the cart, and held on for dear life, as I dragged my bad leg behind me, and annoyed everyone who was doing their after-work groceries who were trying to pass me. Fun times...For all.

Ok, you should see how messy the floor gets when you rely on a wheelchair. It's horrible! This happens almost every day, and sorry to say, I don't have time to mop every day. It's so gross! I wear shoes in the house, and take them off when I go into our carpeted bedroom, trying to keep the grime on the tiles. I can't wait until things are normal again. It looks like someone rode a bike through the dump and then into my kitchen. (The blob in the lower left is a broken button...huh?)

Yesterday, I finally managed to guilt trip Hubby into coming for a walk with me (he's had crazy deadlines lately). We just get to the bottom of our steps, outside, and it begins to POUR. Now, I am no stranger to rain, and I don't actually mind getting soaked in a random storm. Hubby, on the other, I give him permission to leave me, and he bolts up the stairs, back to dry land. I figured it would take me long enough to get back upstairs, that I would be soaked anyhow, so I decided to still do the block. But wow, did it rain. We get the same approx annual rainfall here as Vancouver does, but it seems that we get Van's November total in one afternoon here. I think all of November rained on me yesterday. I was so soaked, I was easily able to ring out my hoodie and pants. My clothes, left to drip dry, had a large enough puddle under them, that I didn't believe Adam hadn't planted a cup of spilled water on the floor to trick me. All the rain my face was catching, was dripping down the front and back of my neck, and was soaking me from the inside out.

But the important thing is, I can say I am "walking" now. So happy :)