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Monday, May 11, 2009

Double Choc Freckle Cookies

Here's another from my new favorite book. Though, I don't think I should be copying their recipes and publishing them anymore...and as luck with have it, they are on the internet already, so here ya go!
(** edit: I looked into copyright laws about recipes, and it seems that there isn't really one that's all that limiting. Other than copying verbatim the method used. A list of ingredients cannot be copyrighted. Just put the method into your own words.)

Such cute cookies for the kiddies! But I still like the crunch of the sprinkles (otherwise called "hundreds and thousands"), and of course the chocolate :)

I did half with a dark chocolate topping, and half trying to use up the rest of those horrid Nestle Melts in white chocolate.

These are really fun cookies, and so simple to make. I spread the melted chocolate on with the back of a spoon, then dipped them in the pile of sprinkles and let them set.