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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Goodbye to the wheelchair & crutches!

I am walking! For real now! I did the block with Adam yesterday, and there wasn't a crutch in sight! It was not easy, or quick, but it was by myself, and it feels so good! I never knew how tall I was until now either. Using crutches, you're hunched over a lot, as you're always leaning forwards And then in the house, I was in the wheelchair most of the time. I forgot that I could see into the top cupboards, and see above the fridge, and when I do the dishes, the water doesn't spray in my face anymore! And when I fry bacon, hot oil doesn't splash in my face anymore! And when I pour boiling water, I can now move out of the way when I spil it.

Being in a wheelchair is not safe, not when you have tendency to drop things, including knives. Though I'm not quite ready for the jump-out-of-the-way moves, as I found out this afternoon when someone couldn't seem to wait for me to cross a driveway, and nearly (not kidding) hit me. This is my new biggest fear - getting hit by a car and breaking my other leg. It's entirely possibly, with how the idiots in this neighbourhood drive.

Today I had another round of xrays, and all looks good. It was so great to see that small gap between my tibia, and ankle-bone-thingy staying put all by itself. I saw some more new growth on my splinter, and also the screw holes look to be just starting to fill in as well. Turns out I had dissolvable stitches, even though they told me I didn't, so showering for the past few days in a plastic bag was all pointless, since when I took the bandage off today, it looked like it did before I even had surgery - ALL HEALED OVER. Nice, since showering in a garbage bag is just so fun and convienient. I was glad to see the xray, though, knowing for myself that they actually took the screws out, since there was no tangible evidence left, and everyone kept saying to me that they took ONE screw out, when there were two.

My joint feels good, my leg is still wobbly, and unstable, but so far so good. I am very sore this evening, since I had to walk quite the distance today. It's so nice how hospital parking is like 500m away from the entrance to the Fracture clinic!

Tomorrow I start physio again, and properly begin this road to recovery. Can't wait!