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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here is another favorite Mennonite recipe of mine (for another, go here). Rollkuchen. It's traditionally eaten in summer with lots of watermelon and Rogers Golden Syrup, but a cloudy, cool & rainy day works for me too. Plus, the watermelon is so good right now here in Aus! I've had two really crisp sweet ones in the last two weeks.

From what I have read, the reason why watermelon is eaten with Roll Kuchen is because the Russian Mennonites used to make syrups, and other things, from watermelons. I suppose they must have eaten Rollkuchen with watermelon syrup way back when, and now we just eat it on the side...?

Here is Aus, there is no such thing as Rogers Golden Syrup, and I will speak from experience, that nothing beats Rogers. The golden syrup here tastes a lot stronger and kind of burnt, and I actually prefer to eat Rollkuchen with icing sugar instead in Australia (which I wouldn't do, if I was back in BC - Roger's is just too good to pass up). I brought Roger's out with me when we moved here, but it has long ago run out.

My photos are never that nice because whenever I bake, it's usually in the evening, and it's dark here by 6 or 7 every day (ie. no nice lighting left for me). But here is how mine turned out. Normally they get nice air bubbles in them...not sure what I did wrong (ideas anyone?)...but they still tasted the same. I used the recipe my mom uses, but here is one from my Aunt, which I would like to try one day too.


Anonymous,  May 5, 2009 at 3:47 AM  

Hi Kath! you might get this post 2x as it didn't thru first time! I bought watermelon to eat today with rollkuchen! First a trip to visit Grandpa and then maybe Costco for supplies! Funny how we are making the same thing - I haven't made them for a year I'm sure! Mom

I Should Be Cleaning Up May 5, 2009 at 11:39 AM  

Yummmm, must be getting summery out there! I wish I had proper syrup though - they're just not the same out here. And do you know why I didn't get bubbles? Maybe the oil wasn't hot enough?