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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have been making cards for quite a few years now, but have never really been into all the "card making" stuff, you know, like all the crafty scrap book stuff. It looks pretty, just not my style, though I am continually impressed when I look at Christmas cards my Mom gets from her friends and family who make these cards - they are impressive, but I just don't do them myself. This is the typical kind of card I have been making lately. Can't get enough of those eyelets. I love simplicity in this continually growing crafty handmade world.

I took these photos from our recent trip to Coolangatta for the car show. I love the phone one. 'Hello' is so cliche these days with every person on earth who does cards and stationary, but so perfect.

I also have a very limited collection of vintage cards. It's quite easy to collect them in Canada, but I can never find them here in Australia. And if I do, I pay for it. I'll share some of them as I get around to scanning them (now that I am able to scan again. Yay old photoshop CS!)