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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wintersun 2009

This past weekend, we attended, for the second year, the annual vintage car show in Coolangatta called Wintersun. It's becoming something we now look forward to every year. It was kind of my goal, once I learned how bad I had really broken my ankle, to be better by Wintersun. Though it was kind of out of my control anyhow. And I also had a goal to be better by the time we were supposed to go on vacation to Thailand, at the beginning of May, with my sister and brother-in-law, and his sister. We'd been planning it for a long while. It was a huge disappointment to me, to realize I would not be better for that, and even if I had, I had missed so much work that we could no longer afford to go anyhow. But I at least had a tiny consolation prize of looking forward to a car show (yeah right). It's just good to have things, anything, to look forward to.

It was a long day, but I managed to stay on my feet for most of it, and it wasn't too awful. I did have to spend the next entire day in bed though. I was very sore, and very sore for a few days after. (But I have managed to hold onto my 2cm away from the wall knee bend).

We drove down for the day and spent a good hour or two in our favorite antique store. I bought a very cute cardigan, and a purse, which I don't think is vintage, but it looks it. I took some photos of the shop:

Then we went around to all the vendors with stalls, and I FINALLY bought my shoes I have been drooling over for an entire year. I've ordered them before, and for some reason they never showed up, even after phone calls and emails to the company, but these shoes are to die for, and I decided to try to get them again this year. I got a good deal too! For once something was cheaper in Australia. Normally we order shoes & clothes online from the US. But alas, my shoes were not in in my size and colour, so they are on order again. I hope this time it works.
I'll be getting them in dark brown, I'm so excited! (They look better in person)

And then to the cars. I was kind of disappointed as much of them were the same as last year, and we only found out later that there was another whole section we missed. Oh well, something to look forward to for next year. Since the cars were all the same, this year I tried to have some more fun with my camera, rather than the focus being only the cars. And I am remembering why I love photography. It's such a challenge! I love it. Oh, how I have missed it. I wasn't up to my usual lay-on-the-ground-for-the-best-shot mood, but I still had some fun despite my ski-boot leg not letting me bend down, and my cheap crap fish eye converter. But here are my favs:


Anonymous,  June 17, 2009 at 4:22 PM  

Kath your pics are amazing! I love the rear light of a cadillac (?)pic - and so many different angles of the cars. The orange cups in the antique shop are cool too! Thanks for posting them all!

Bev June 22, 2009 at 6:08 AM  

Some nice Mustangs! not to mention the other nice shiny restored cars. And I, too, liked the photo of the orange cups.