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Monday, June 29, 2009


I probably shouldn't blog when I'm mad. Plus, no one likes to read ranting angst-y blog posts. Except me. I'm sick of all the airy fairy goodness everywhere I look. I like reading a good rant here and there. Maybe I can turn it into a lesson at the end or something, you know, give a lame excuse as to why I needed to vent to begin with...we'll see...

Ok, so, today Hubby and I both had dentist appointments. Fun times. I had physically walked into the office about a month ago and made appointments. Receptionist wrote down our appointments on a card, which I put in my wallet. As soon as I got home, I then marked in my iCal (computer calendar application). I don't screw up times. I'm anal like that, and I hate being late. I also don't forget things, unless I have been taking drugs or something (no, not DRUGS-drugs, my nerve pain drugs - they make my brain not work). We're just about to head out the door, and the dental office calls, telling me I've missed my appointment. I am confused, and say, "no, it's in 15 minutes, we're leaving now". She says "no, it was 15 minutes ago, I have it right in front of me". So I though if we're going to play the right-in-front-of-me-rude-tone-of-voice-game, I'll jump on it. So I tell her that I have it written down on her little cards, right in front of me! I tell her we're leaving right now anyhow, so we'll be a few minutes "early".

When we get there, I ask if she wants to see the card, but of course she doesn't. But of course she also doesn't bother to pass on to the dentist that SHE screwed up, so when they call me in, I get a snarky comment about mixing up my times. By then my mouth is open, and I can't really get out that she wrote it down wrong for me, but I can see that neither of them believe me anyhow. No apologies.

When we go to pay, Receptionist then goes into this long winded thing about making sure this little mishap doesn't happen again. Oh boy. I did nothing wrong, I don't see how me doing anything differently would have avoided this mistake. In fact, I will do nothing differently next time. I have come home again, with the same kind of card, and entered the info into my iCal. End of my obligations, except showing up.

Don't you just HATE it when you did nothing wrong, but everyone else seems to think you did? I guess here is the lesson: grin and bear it. You look like a complete loser if you keep trying to defend your honour. I stood up for myself once, and then left it alone. Sometimes it's harder to shut up, but sometimes it's better. I suppose, as always, pick your battles. There are countless times I wish I would have said what I thought to some idiot I encountered, but it's never worth it. When it comes to defending yourself, don't let it become an argument, or you look like you're grasping at straws. Say your thing, and then let it go. The other person probably does realize they made the mistake, but they're too proud to admit it. That's what I tell myself anyhow. That's actually something I work hard on: Admitting, and then apologizing when I have been wrong. It's never fun, but it's worth it. No matter who it is.